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We're helping the UK to stay safe during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Check-in on this page and we'll keep a record of your visit. Data is securely destroyed after 21 days.

Contact details will only be shared with NHS Test & Trace if there is a risk of contact with someone who has coronavirus at this location. No marketing...ever!

Helping businesses and organisations to re-open safely

We've already partnered with businesses, organisation, sports clubs and charities to help communities get back to normal in a safe and secure manner. Our software is simple, afforadable and privacy-friendly.

Frequently asked questions

What do you do with my contact details?

Nothing. We simply hold it for 21 days in case it’s needed for NHS Test & Trace. Of course should they need it, we will provide the data to them. But we promise not to sell your data to anyone. You won't be getting any annoying marketing calls about a car accident you had 3 years ago with a chicken due to us.

How do I scan a QR code?

Any smartphone camera can scan a QR code and pop you over to the link - try it!

Do I have to give my contact details every time?

No, we’re here to make your life as close to normal as possible with Covid-19 floating around. So once you’ve given your details once, your phone remembers us and will be able to automatically check you in and out, whenever you scan the QR code.

How long do you store my details for?

For 21 days from you last checking out of a venue using our system; as required by NHS Test & Trace. After that they’re automatically safely deleted from our system.

How safe are my details with you?

Super safe, we didn’t call ourselves Secure Check-In for nothing; and we wanted to set the bar higher than ‘semi-secure check-in’ or ‘might as well write it on your forehead check-in’. We’re definitely safer than a book on a bar, or a piece of paper.

Can I check in anywhere with you?

Sadly no. As much as we are aiming to take over the world (cue evil laugh), you can only check-in at venues who use our system. They’ll be recognisable from the posters, window stickers or beer mats with a QR code on them leading to our site.

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