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"the new normal"

At Sports Payment Solutions, we realised that the technology we were creating to help grassroots sports get started safely, could be adapted to make life easier for everyone. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of having to give your contact details every time, to multiple companies; you just had to give them once. To one company, who promised to keep them safe. What if you didn’t have to say them aloud, and you could just check-in and out of venues on your own phone. What if we could help alleviate the data risk for businesses who are simply not geared up for meeting GDPR requirements, nor storing data effectively or safely?

We realised we could, so we did.

Matt Oakley
CEO & Founder

Matt is the technical brains of the operation, with his obsession for tech startups, and passion for making life easy and affordable for all he brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion to Sports Payment Solutions and Secure Check-In. His vast experience of digital payments has enabled Secure Check-In to become the easy, self sign up product it is today allowing businesses and customers to function as independently as possible.

Claire Bartlett
Head of Operations & Co-founder

Claire has a unique background in both sales, startups and Health and Safety; with her emergency planning experience meaning she always works from the worst case scenario backwards, ensuring all bases are covered. Like Matt, she thrives on the challenge of growing a successful community focused business.

Together Matt and Claire are a formidable pair, regularly reviewing the business and customer journey, bouncing ideas and feedback off one another until they come to a suitable solution. No matter how crazy the idea.

Determined to help all communities and businesses get going safely again after Covid-19. They are firm in their belief, that simple digital solutions should be available and affordable for everyone.

Secure Check-In is designed, built, and backed by Sports Payment Solutions in the UK.

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